Installation of the Yabi web application under ApacheΒΆ

The IUS repository provides a httpd24u package that unfortunately conflicts with httpd. Therefore if you try to install yabi-admin and you don’t have one of the httpd packages already installed you will get a conflict error. The recommended way (in the email announcing httpd24u) to get around this problem is to install the httpd package first and only after that install yabi-admin:

# yum install httpd mod_ssl
# yum install yabi-admin

This will add an Apache conf file to /etc/httpd/conf.d called yabiadmin.ccg. Please feel free to read through it and edit if required. When you are happy with the contents create a symbolic link for Apache to pick this config up automatically:

# pushd /etc/httpd/conf.d && ln -s yabiadmin.ccg yabiadmin.conf && popd