Backend Credentials

Backend Credentials is a linking table between a Credential and a Backend, used simply because a user may have one credential (say an SSH key) that is valid across multiple backends.

Adding Backend Credentials

  • Add a Backend Credential and select the Backend and associated Credential.
  • Add the users home directory or subdirectory (see A note about the Path field for details).
  • Check Visible so the backend will appear to the user.
  • Select Default Stageout to indicate that this user’s job results should stageout to this filesystem

Default Stageout Explained

Yabi uses Default Stageout as a single directory where all the user’s results will be staged out to. Each user should only have one default stageout, usually on a file server they have access to from outside of Yabi i.e. via ssh

What the user will see

At this point if everything has worked the user should be able to log into Yabi and under the Files tab they will be able to see and view files on the backends you have set up.